5/15/2017 Hobby developing

This game is being casually developed again. It has the same goals: random rares, help the haunted villiage, have pets fight along side you, more maps, and a few other things.

4/29/2016 Tentatively back in development

I am finishing the game I was working with the other developers. I have a lot of free time again.

There's no reason why I can't begin development on Throne and Crown again. I can't promise that I'll make future episodes, but I'll see what I can do.
For the next episode, I would want to:
1) Get pets fighting along side you.
2) Get random rares.
3) A way to save the haunted town.
4) A bunch of more maps to play on.

Again, I can't promise I'll finish this episode, but I'm kicking the tires of my old code, and going to see what I can do.

9/26/2014 Honesty Time

I'm with a team of developers making a game similar to Throne and Crown now. So I'm having TAC development on hold right now.
The game we're making is called Dungeon Run. Look for it on Android, Facebook and IOS somewhere around March of 2016.
I think Throne and Crown is a fun enough game that it stands on its own without the next episodes. So try it out.

7/29/2014 Entering into a polish phase

Before moving on to episode two, I plan on spending a week or two polishing the game.
Android will be updated more often than Kongregate.com.

7/27/2014 Android release a budding success.

Last year when we released on Kongregate, the game had no virtual goods. This meant the game made no income. My artists and musicians left to pursue other work.
On Android, we have virtual goods and are finally making a trickle of income. Since this game could potentially be a success, I'm going to start working on episode2.
The possible plans I have for episode 2 are:
1)To allow pets/retainers to fight along side you.
2)Randomized rares to start dropping.
3)Either a castle simulation or random dungeon.
4)Another town to be saved, and a way to save the haunted town.
5)Intelligence based abilities, and more animal empathy powers.

I'm looking at a development time scale of 6-12 months to do this in. Updates will go into the game as they happen, so you likely won't need to wait a whole year to see incremental changes.

7/17/2014 We got published on Android today!

Click to download on Android play

New features: GamePad added, touch screen play added.

7/1/2014 We got published on Kongregate.com yesterday!

Click here to play

6/10/2014 Server is functional, in finalization mode

Hopefully this game is out in a few weeks. I feel it is pretty fun. If you buy virtual goods now, your character is saved on the server so clearing the browser cache will not delete your purchases. I want to be thoroughly honest and it was worth a month of my work to do so. I'm seeking approval with Kongregate.com while Tuomo finalizes the female avatar. The game could be out any day now. I'm just glad all the hard stuff is hopefully behind me. :)

5/12/2014 Obstacles encountered, routing around them.

I discovered that neither Facebook.com nor Kongregate.com keep server side saves for players. I absolutely need server side saves because the game will run on virtual goods. I can't in good conscience sell someone virtual goods which disappear if he cleans his browser cache. Yahoo.com allows server side saves, but their system is buggy so I never got my registration confirmation email. I couldn't contact support because it requires you to have a registration confirmation email. My solution is to write my own server. This task won't be that difficult, but it will still take me about 2 months between coding and testing before I go live.

I also need to do the virtual goods store. The original idea for this game was to make it shareware. You play for 2 hours, then the game costs 5$. I've decided it will be better to allow the player to play for two hours then needs to make about 30 cents worth of virtual goods purchases bare minimal to continue. 30 cents for episode 1 isn't asking for much. The game has more content than NES/SNES games which people paid 40$ for and is a good deal of fun.

So I have about 2 months of work ahead of me. I hope this game takes off so I can compensate my diligent crew who've been working on 100% rev share for about the past year! I want to get them some royalties so they will continue working with me in the future. It'd be great to be able to make future episodes to Throne And Crown. The game is designed to get vastly better with sequels instead of just cashing in like many companies are known to do.

4/11/2014 Content loaded, time to put on Facebook/Kongregate

The episode 1 of this game is mostly ready and is playable locally. Art and music need to finish some pieces, but they'll be done in about 2 weeks. I'm now looking at Facebook's API. I plan on getting the game up with achievements, saveability, gifting, and such before the game is fully loaded with assets. By the time the art/music is finalized in 2 weeks, I should have a grasp on the API. I'll be able to load the art/music in then the game will be live. Don't quote me on the game coming out May first, but I'm trying to get this game out in a few weeks.

2/10/2014 Sixth Entry: Charge!

Development is charging ahead.

2/8/2014 Fifth Entry: South Beach

Some people are just happy with their life since even a crooked king can't destroy everyone's life.

2/6/2014 Fourth Entry: Episode 2

Throne and Crown will keep having new episodes with new tech and game play themes and new levels.
I don't want to spoil Episode 1, but Episode 2 should have the following:
A) Random Rares
B) Pets that fight along side you
C) Randomized Dungeons similar to roguelikes

We'll try and push a new episode every 6-12 months until we're fully satisfied with the game.
Eventually it may even become a MMORPG, that is on the game's radar. In episode 3, I think we'll have a fortress you defend from incoming enemies.

1/6/2014 Third Entry: Fairy Garden

I used Glitch the Game's art assets to make a Fairy Garden. See if you can find out how to get in when the game is playable.

12/14/2013 Second Entry: Claw and Crown

I had a funny bug happen today. Due to the wrong datafile order, the main character was replaced with the King Crab. And due to naming conventions on animations, I could walk around as the King Crab. :P It was funny walking around as a monster for a little while. It almost gives a guy ideas.

11/20/2013 First Entry

This is the website dedicated to Throne and Crown. It is a 2d action oriented RPG with ambitious plans. It will start out as your standard overland combat game with RPG elements. Then it will expand into random dungeons, fortress defense, random rares, pets, and maybe eventually have you command an army of up to 1000 entities. Some people get bored with RPGs because once you have nearly the best equipment, you're no longer upgrading your character often. When you have a 1000 people in an army, even medium caliber rares could be used by someone on your team. I plan on making the power curve keep advancing with no maximum or level cap. Experience needed to gain a level is in a Fibonacci sequence. Random rares will have the chance to get outrageous values, but only with outrageous rolls. The game will eventually be multiplayer so you can trade lewt and fight along side each other. I don't want to give away too much though.

If you've played the Angband, Zangband, and other silly bands, you've seen weird situations that aren't popular to gaming, but are fun. Many roguelikes aren't popular because they're text based gaming instead of having graphics. When these games go to big publishers and get fancy graphics, the play style often gets dumbed down so they're really easy and boring. I plan on having the agility of a single developer vs a corporate suit game designer. I have a team of artists and they're helping get me the tools to succeed. I also have 1700 hours of code in this 2d action engine, so this game is somewhat playable now, but in about a year it will be polished well.

About me: My name is Jim Sager. I've been gaming my entire life. When I was 3, my dad lifted me up to Pacman in 1980 and I knew I liked this. Ever since I've been either playing video games, designing video games, or coding video games. I've been top in the world at Warcraft3, with first to 1500 wins and I did it as random. I was a top player at Starcraft before the competitive scene came out. I'm not trying to brag here, just saying I play video games at a top level, so I have a better idea of how to design them to have depth. I played Asheron's Call and World of Warcraft and made bots for them. I figure any game you can just press a sequence of keys over and over again and win is just boring in general. I did enjoy playing Asheron's Call 1 and WOW, but I wanted to make an action oriented MMORPG.

My first strike out in an action oriented RPG was Roaming Dragon. I spent like 7 years making an engine like Tekken that handles 5000 combatants at once. The problem is that I could never find any 3d modelers to make 10 fighters let alone all the 3d objects you need for a MMORPG. I think someday I can revisit it as a MOBA. Pick from a selection of 10 fighters, and fight in a single map like Street Fighter 2 in an open world. I bet it'd take off. I just need to find 3d modelers who are talented to do it. Maybe once Throne And Crown starts making money I can afford to pay for 3d modelers and I can revisit it. Right now, I can't even afford a monthly server fees. It is rough being a dude who graduates school and can't get a job. Student loans just never go away man. The key is to not give up, but keep fighting on, keep trying to code in my spare time even if no one wants to hire me out of school.

Prior to Roaming Dragon, I was working on a space game called,"Intergalactic Bounty Hunter" It was a MMORPG based off of a pencil and paper game I made and played with my friends in highschool. It was a hit as far as RPGS go, and someday I should publish it. Anyway, I wrote it in quick basic at first, and got so far up to combat even. The game was like Pool of Radience's combat system always. Or maybe like Wasteland is another description. It could have been good, but I could never find the networking code. If I was smart, I should have just made it single player and published it. I just saw that MMORPGS were the future even before Ultima Online came out. I felt I needed to make the first MMORPG to be successful, so I quit when Ultima Online came out, which was dumb.

After IBH, I did Roaming Dragon, and after Roaming Dragon, I did Dungeon Run. Dungeon Run I actually published. And you can play it here. The idea behind Dungeon Run was to get an engine to make a better game. Well I love the guys at Tangerine Pop and pray and wish them the best, but they didn't support me taking Dungeon Run to the next level. You can play the game, it feels like a pretty fun game. But to me, it feels somewhat empty in that the RPG style of it isn't gelled together right(because it was tacked on at the last minute). Also there are no quests and adventure. You're in constant action combat. It is somewhat fun, but it isn't super addicting fun like I want its successor to be: Throne and Crown. Anyway Tangerine Pop let me use the Dungeon Run engine which we agreed upon when I started working on Dungeon Run to begin with: I get to keep all my code, they get to keep all their art. So Dungeon Run is fun. I recommend you play it some to get a feel for how Throne and Crown will be in terms of gameplay.

We're taking that basic engine, and doing overland adventure. You can go around and fight monsters and find treasure. When you level up, you can allocate stats. Do you want to be good at melee weapons: Go for strength. Do you want to do ranged weapons: Go for dex. Are you not sure and just want health: go for endurance. Do you want to be good at wonders(like magic): go for intelligence. Do you want to be good at healing and nature: wisdom. Finally there is charm which will lower the price of goods you buy, and also give you favorable interactions more often with NPC. The first episode doesn't have a lot to do with intelligence deliberately. If someone wants to min max for wonders, they need to save stats and fight the first episode with a weaker guy which is more challenging. Then come the next episode they can go the route of almost like a wizard.

Speaking of episodes, the game will be released in episodes. The first episode will have you washed up on a shore by a monastery. I won't give anything out past that. I don't want to give spoilers. But each subsequent episode will be released in 6-12 month intervals. The second episode should have pets that can fight with you and maybe random rares. The third episode might have a deep random dungeon or a fortress to defend. The fourth episode will have multiplayer. Each episode will have new features. This way the game is playable asap instead of having one of those classic too long 5-10 year development cycles.

The first episode should be due out in 8-14 months from now. If you book mark this page, I'll try to do at least a weekly update. If you want to develop with us and you're a talented artist, check out this page. Sign up for reddit.com and send me a PM there and we'll see if I can get you on the team.

Throne and Crown is planned to come out on the following platforms:


Then later for ios/Android:Tablets/Phones. There will be instructions on how to use a joystick with these.

The game will be keyboard or joystick driven, but will have some mouse/touchscreen controls for your inventory/character sheet. I'm considering making the game completely driven via keyboard, mouse, or joystick, but the first episode might not have that purity to it.